The first #TBT of 2017 goes out to the Danville women only Boot Camp! This group of ladies has been at camp longer than I have, they “broke me in” as a teacher with their fierce desire to push and their love of having a great time while doing it. Their commitment and friendship is inspiring; through good times and not so great is nice to know more than one persona has got your back, and legs, and head, and feet!

Every week I will be posting an “oldie but goodie” to remind you of how awesome you really are, how long you have committed to your health, and how loved you really are!

3 Reminders:

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Go Gumsaba!

🙂 Coach Michelle

8/25/2011: Deb G, Sue S, Stacy R, Deirdre C, with a little Deb F on top!

Gumsaba Class schedule Friday  01/06/17

5:30AM Sunrise Danville Women only class – Coach Michelle  –  Full Body Friday

5:30AM Sunrise Danville Mens  class – Coach Joel  – Full Body Friday

5:45AM Sunrise Walnut Creek Heather Farms Co-ED class – Coach James – Core & Cardio Circuit

6AM Sunup Moraga Co-Ed only Class – Coach Briana – Core & Cardio Circuit

8:15AM Sunshine Moraga Women only Class Briana –  Core & Cardio Circuit

9AM Sunshine Walnut Creek Women only class – Coach Joel – Full Body Friday

11:00AM Cytosport Intermediate Holiday Workout – Coach Joel (private class)

12:00PM Cytosport Advanced Holiday Workout – Coach Joel (private class)

1:00PM  Cytosport Hatha Yoga  – Coach Jentry (private class)