Band work is is great for warming up the body for any exercise. Try one of the two band warm ups I created and your body will thank you for it! This one is more detailed, and this one is music driven. Do them your DIY workout or run, and you will find you not only warm up faster but also more efficiently. You will also find you have less knee and hip pain in activities of daily living should that be an issue you struggle with.

As a compliment to band work, try couch stretch after your band warm up and before you workout. This will help you access better gluteal function, which keeps stress off your low back and knees, and in your muscles where it belongs!

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Gumsaba Fitness Class schedule Wednesday 10/26/16

5:30AM Sunrise Danville Womens only class – Coach Karen – Happy Humpday AMRAP

6AM Sunup Moraga Womens only Class – Coach Briana – Happy Humpday AMRAP

8:15AM Sunshine Moraga Womens only Class – Coach Briana – Happy Humpday AMRAP

9AM Sunshine Walnut Creek Womens only class – Coach Jentry – Happy Humpday AMRAP

9:30AM Sunshine Orinda Sleepy Hollow Co Ed PRIVATE Class – Coach James – Med Ball Rounds!

11:00AM Cytosport Next Level In Trinity – Coach Michelle (private class)

12:00PM Cytosport All Levels Cardio Kickboxing – Coach Michelle (private class)

12:30PM Cytosport All Levels Trigger Point Rolling – Coach Michelle (private class)

2PM Cytosport Hatha Yoga – Coach Michelle D. (private class)