Glute Bridge is an incredible way to light up your posterior chain without putting full load on your knees and is superior to many traditional “glute” activation exercises because the glutes fire at a higher capability when the hips are in extension. From body builders to figure models to athletes and those who simply want a great butt, glute bridges are an important element of the training program.

One caveat: the glutes can not fire completely if the hip flexors are too tight. Secondary muscles will take over which is a recipe for injury. Stretching the hip flexors before activating the glutes is an important part of training. Couch stretch , Half Pigeon with folded back leg and Lunge with Core Activation and Supine Hip Flexor/TFL stretch are all great ways to open the hips before you work the glutes.

Now, lets talk technique on the glute bridge.

  1. Lie on your back, maintaining a natural curve in the spine. Place arms at sides with palms down. Adjust shoulders so the chest is spacious and blades sit flat on the floor. Keep neck neutral. Face should align parallel to floor.
  2. Align your heels on all planes, under your knees. Those with knee issues should walk their heels an inch or so away from their bottom. 
  3. Before lifting hips, perform 3 -5 sets of vacuum exercise. (inhale, then exhale while pressing low back into the mat/engaging abs)
  4. Maintain the pressed position of the vacuum exercise. Push into heels, backs of arms, palms and shoulder blades to lift the hips up. Press the hips up as far as you comfortably can while maintaining a connection between mat and both shoulder blades.
  5. Maintain a neutral pelvis. If any low back strain is felt, try tucking the tail bone toward the backs of your knees by engaging abs a bit more.
  6. To lower down, go one vertebra at a time from below shoulder blades to tail bone.


Equipment: Mat, Weights, Band, Jumprope

Part 1: Warm up with your band.

PART 2: R.O.M. 50 seconds each exercise – Perform 1X
Hip Flexor Stretch R

Hip Flexor Stretch L

Couch Stretch R

Couch Stretch L

Backwards Walking Lunge

Wall Sit


Glute Bridge Hip Extensions

Bird Dog R

Bird Dog L

Jumping Jacks

ining (MIIT) 45/15 – Perform 2XPart 3: Medium Intensity Interval Tra

Walking Lunge & Overhead Press

Wall Sit Hammer Curl

Glute Brige Hold+ Fly

Hi Plank Cross Shoulder Taps

GBHE + Pull


Part 4: High Intensity Interal training (HIIT) 20/10 – Perform each set 2X

Set 1: 2X

Sprinter Start

Sprinter Start L


Push Ups

Set 2: 2X

Hi Knees

Jump Lunges (Mod Sprin
g Jacks)

Front Raises

Bent Row + Fly Combo

Set 3: 2X

Pulsing Lunge R leg back – weights optional

Side Plank HOLD R (mod V Crunch)

Pulsing Lunge L leg Back – weights optional

Side Plank HOLD L (mod V Crunch)

Set 4: 2X


Gecko Low Plank

GB Pulse

Reverse Crunch

Part 5: Mobility of Choice


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