I love me some GLUTE BRIDGE! Not just because it works the buns and build the hamstrings, but it’s a great way to implement and practice stability in the low back, while enhancing mobility of the hip flexors. Fun fact: When the spine is stable, as in glute bridge hip extension, glute activation is at its most efficient, so if you have low back issues this is a great modification for glute exercises in which the low back is more at risk, as in the position of squat variations or lunges. The integrity of the glute bridge is the first priority so review that HERE.

For those with shoulder injuries a modification to press may be necessary. Please ask your Coach to show you that modification and make sure it does not aggrevate the injury. 

Glute Bridge Fly

Set your weights on either side of your mat

  • Sit down on the mat facing the weights. Secure the weights by bringing your upper arms and locking them to your core with your arms in a half curl position.
  • Bring awareness back to your shoulder position (chest open, shoulder blades down the back) then use your core strength to lower back, resisting gravity.
  • Tuck your heels under your knees and check that your feet are hip width and parallel.
  • Extend the weights straight up toward the ceiling with palms facing each other. Press up into glute bridge and hold it. This is your starting position. 
  • Allow a slight bend in your elbows and firm your arms. On an inhale slowly lower the weights away from each other toward your sides to a T Shape. Keep the bend in the elbow, DO NOT DO THIS WITH ELBOWS LOCKED OUT. Lower your arms down 3/4 of the way to the ground.
  • On your next exhale bring the weights back to the starting position. Make sure to control the full motion so that the weights do not clank together and that the speed of the lifting and lowering phase is equal and timed with your breath. See coach Jentrys example below.


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