I ended my  cleanse yesterday and I feel great… and confused! How do i go back to normal when abnormal is so welcoming?! Really though, I am so happy I DID IT!

I plan to stick with several parts of the plan because I feel so good and my energy is stable. I will live in week one, and when I have a weekend away, I will do a mini cleanse to come clean again. (Yes, I’ll be doing that this coming Monday!) Before you see my numbers, I must say that though they are great, they are not the best part of the cleanse. My new state of mind, clarity, clear skin, calmness, and emotional stability have been the real benefits that I will continue to live clean for!

These are my before and after pics. My numbers are the same as last week within a few percent. These were my final totals:

Weight lost: 3.2 lbs (and as Julie D pointed out, clearly I lost some of that in my breasts, but my fibrocystic breast disease significantly has decreased so that is fine by me!)

Fat Mass Lost: 3.2 lbs

Fat Free Mass Gained: 1.8 lbs

Body Water % gained: 1.57 lbs

Fat Percentage decrease: 2.2%

I also did a few leisure activities that I “never have time for”, and loved it. Chad helped with the puzzle on the right, and I read a great book called “A Dog’s Purpose” by W. Bruce Cameron.

If you are interested in doing the cleanse let me know – I am happy to coach you through it because it isn’t easy. Nothing really worth having is easy though!

Looking forward to camp tomorrow,

🙂 Coach M