Hello Ladies

Today we do a workout without weights. There are some new elements so i have given substitutions for those of you who are not familiar with them. We should be getting our videos rolling on this site next month,  so i will be sure to post videos of new moves soon!


3 rounds of the following with no break if possible:

10 Lizard Push ups, same as push up but as you go down you bring rt knee toward rt elbow and vise versa. Each push up counts as one, so you will do 5 with RT knee and 5 with LT.

20 Crocodile Crunch –  If you don’t yet know this, you will! BUT for now just do oblique crunch – lie on your back cross RT leg over LT bent knee and bring LT elbow toward RT knee while RT arm is out to stabilize. Do bo


th sides 20 times.

30 Jackrabbit Jumps – start with feet shoulder width, and jump with both feet landing in heels and go down into squat. From squat hop back 2 times with both feet to get back to your start. Each jump/2 hop combo counts as one of course.

Part 2:

3 rounds o:f:

10 Burpees

20 Alt Push Press

30 Walking Lunges

Tomorrow is a circut, for those of you out of town take a hike, bike or run!

🙂 Coach M