Science is tricky. Its proven until its disproven, right? The most recent, well documented and control based studies are what we have to work with. Lucky for you I got the GOODS on this subject at the IDEA WORLD conference directly from one of the top exercise physiologists of our time, Dr. Len Kravitz. His suggestion was to try this method and see if it works for you…

Suggested Intake for early morning workout. Digest for 15 mins before workout 

Low Glycemic fruit 1/2-1 cup depending on exertion and hunger 15 minutes before exercise.

This is a great list with all kinds of GI charts! Remember, want to avoid High GI foods, many are processed junk anyway! 

Suggested Breakfast for late morning workout – digest for one – two hours (but still have that pre workout low glycemic carb!)

Mediterranean (25% protein, 53% carbohydrate, 22% fat)

Recommended Daily Hydration: 

• 1oz per 2lbs of body weight

• Increase according to level of activity

• For activities lasting longer than one hour athletes should ingest 20-60 grams of carbs per hour

Todays Note from Dr. K:

Avoid high glycemic foods up to 2 hours prior to the cardiovascular workout & 2 hours post
1. Rationale: less insulin to impair fat metabolism

If you want to workout hard and sustain a high level, a low glycemic food may be the answer!

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