Always keep in mind of your tempo on TRX. Movements should be mindful, especially when you are in the learning stages. Keeping the core engaged, the shoulders packed and the quads and glutes contracted is the difference between a super effective workout and one that doesn’t get results. Many of you have expressed interest in a TRX intensive course. We are putting one  together for August and have some important questions for YOU! Fill out our survey here and help us customize this seminar!








Run 2 AM laps


Warm Up:

10 Split stance Pullover

Partner Camel Cow

one round each


10 T Lunge

Partner Glute Bridge Reverse Crunch

one round each


10 Deadlift Stretch

Squat Calf Raise

one round each


Jog lap




45work/15 rest & switch.

Each partner will end up doing 2 rounds of each exercise


Set 1: 45/10

TRX Push Up  vs wall sit pull down


TRX Row vs Walking Lunge


TRX Tri Press vs Jumprope


Run 400M or Jog 200M


Set 2: 45/10


TRX Suspended Lunge vs Side Plank


TRX Runner vs Shoulder rotation


TRX Back Extension vs box jump


Run 400M or Jog 200M



Set 3: 30/10

TRX Power Pull vs Side Plank (do both sides 30 seconds each and then switch with partner)


TRX Hip Drop vs Low Plank (partner 2 holds low plank for full time of hip drop R & L)


Static Stretch of full body









Get your big guns out for this doozie of a TRX workout. Dont be afraid to back off at any time because these rounds are a litle longer than you are used to.


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