Hello Ladies

Yesterday we pushed ourselves to new heights with our running times. Several of you really put your last running times to shame, some of you even shaved off a full 20 seconds off some of you distances! What gives the body the power to make those kinds of leaps?

The will to push past your personal best and into the realm of your greatest effort is a gift that only you can give yourself. Yes, of course it helps to have workout buddies and an instructor who demands your best, but ultimately we do the work, and the choice is ours.

Most people don’t like living outside their comfort zones, so most people will never know the victory of the push past those mental obstacles that get in our way of becoming better each day. These modern times make it so easy to have everything handed to us as we sit in our comfort zone, but there is a price that I would never want to pay.  The personal victory that lies outside the comfort zone is well worth the effort;  I can honestly say they are missing out.

It is the MENTAL practice we put in with each push up, burpee, sit up, sprint, and so on, that builds our belief in ourselves and enables us to push reach past our best and into the great expanse of our higher selves.  When we do our best we become better. Each class is an opportunity to become a better you, to elevate your personal best. You know the reward is a mind body path that you dictate with strength and focus because that is who you have become!

Thank you once again for inspiring me to always reach for my best.

🙂 Coach M