Many of us carry a great deal of tension in our upper body.  Today, we are working to undo some of that tension with Upward Plank Pose and the Pectoral Release.  Remember to breathe deeply and move mindfully, and notice how you feel more open after maneuvering through these poses.



Upward Plank Pose or Purvottanasana

  • Begin seated on your mat with your hands behind you and your fingertips facing your hips.
  • Walk your feet forward (keep your knees bent), placing them hip width distance apart.
  • Root down through your heels and spread your fingers wide.
  • Inhale, breathe length into your spine.
  • Exhale, press your hips upward into a reverse table top position to bring your hips in line with your shoulders.
  • Firm your abdominal wall.
  • Hug your thighs toward your midline.
  • Lift up and out of your shoulders.
  • Begin to straighten your legs one at a time as you continue to lift your hips.
  • Send your gaze upward.
  • Relax your jaw.
  • Hold and breathe for several rounds of breath.


  • For individuals with neck and shoulder injuries, it may be best to practice bridge pose


  • Opens the shoulder girdle and chest.
  • Strengthens glutes, abdominals, legs, arms, and wrists.


  • Encourages presence and focus.
  • Builds confidence.


  • Purvottanasana energizes two main chakras, Manipura and Anahata.
  • The Solar Plexus or third chakra (Manipura) is associated with our confidence, power, relationship with self and ego. This chakra resides in the abdominal area, obliques and internal organs (pancreas, liver, stomach, spleen).  The element of this chakra is fire and the color of this chakra is yellow.  When Manipura is in balance, we have a better understanding of self and we are able to separate our higher consciousness from our ego.
  • The Heart Chakra or fourth chakra (Anahata) is associated with compassion, service, unconditional love, connectedness and empathy. The element of Anahata is air and the color of this chakra is green. Anahata is the bridge between our lower three chakras and upper three chakras.  It’s where “me” becomes “we”.  When Anahata is in balance, our perception of separateness dissolves and we develop a greater understanding of our connection with all living beings.


Another great way to open your upper body is by way of the Pectoral Release.  Check out Coach Michelle’s video for step by step instructions.



Coach Jentry


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