Whether it’s framily (friends that are like family) or the real deal (blood relatives) the important things in life are really quite simple – spending time with the ones you love and feeling grateful for one another, despite your differences. And what better way to spend time with loved ones than on a trip to one of the most beautiful places in the Bay Area, JOHN MUIR WOODS. My family and I explored these majestic, peaceful woods on Christmas Day. Together, we soaked in all the beauty and wonderment of this ancient forest and left feeling awe inspired by one of the most preserved works of art mother nature has to offer. Not only is the foliage and wildlife spectacular, the history of how JOHN MUIR WOODS CAME TO BE is pretty incredible, too. And with plenty of distractions, it’s a great way to knock out a two plus mile walk/jog/hike!




IMG_3077 IMG_3074 IMG_3149


Why not get a few lunges in while you’re at it? There’s no shame in that!


If you aren’t able to make it out to John Muir Woods, may you find delight in the gifts of nature all around no matter where you are.

Happy Saturday!

Coach Jentry