So many lives were lost and since so many more because of the tragedy that took place 11 years ago today. Human life is fragile, the human mind is both crazy and beautiful. We can create, and destroy, we can love and we can hate, we can be strong or we can surrender, we can be honest or we can lie.  We can kill, or we can create a better life for each other; we can feel weak in the shadow of the power we have or we can rise up and make a better place. IT IS ALL UP TO US, not one of us, but ALL of us.

Here’s to respecting and caring for eachother, to all the good in life that we can achieve. Here’s to those who passed that day, to those who suffered and suffer to this day. Here is to being better for having been through this together, to having our compassion expanded, and to being there through thick and thin for one and other. Here’s to making something beautiful out of something horrible, here is to the best side of human kind.

We will never forget; we will always believe there is good in all of us.

9/11 Tribute Gumsaba