A message from Coach Michelle: Warm up well before blasting through this quickie! You don’t need any equipment, but you know I always recommend you activate with a band and go through joint R.O.M!

Alright, let’s do this!


Chip THIS!

Run 1.5 miles

50 Mountain Climbers

10 Burpees

5 Tight Lunges R + 5 Jump Lunges R (mod 10 Sprinter Start R)

5 Tight Lunges L + 5 Jump Lunges L (mod 10 Sprinter Start L)

40 Mountain Climbers

8 Burpees

4 Tight Lunges R + 4 Jump Lunges R (mod 8 Sprinter Start R)

4 Tight Lunges L + 4 Jump Lunges L (mod 8 Sprinter Start L)

30 Mountain Climbers

6 Burpees

3 Tight Lunges R + 3 Jump Lunges R (mod 6 Sprinter Start R)

3 Tight Lunges L + 3 Jump Lunges L (mod 6 Sprinter Start L)

20 Mountain Climbers

4 Burpees

2 Tight Lunges R + 2 Jump Lunges R (mod 4 Sprinter Start R)

2 Tight Lunges L + 2 Jump Lunges L (mod 4 Sprinter Start L)

10 Mountain Climbers

2 Burpees

1 Tight Lunge R + 1 Jump Lunge R (mod 2 Sprinter Start R)

1 Tight Lunge L + 1 Jump Lunge L (mod 2 Sprinter Start L)

Jog 1.5 miles

Stretch and roll using the mobility info in the client portal!


Top off your Wednesday with a healthy dose of vitamin C, plant-protein packed, phytate rich Veggie Chili. You can’t go wrong with chili on a fall day, especially when you know all those delicious beans are contributing to a longer lifespan. And, hey, why not make it even better (and creamier) with a cup of pureed pumpkin or sweet potato?


Thrive on,

Coach Jentry