Say goodbye to 2017 and celebrate the coming new year the best way possible, by sweating and strengthening your awesome, one of a kind self!

Equipment: Mat + Timer

Part 1: Warm Up with light cardio for 5-10 minutes then 10 each:

Shin Grabs – Sampson Stretches, Calf Raises, Toy Soldiers, Squats

Part 2: Repeat this Set 3 – 4X

20 Walking Lunges

10 Push Ups

20 Step Ups

10 Dips

20 Skaters

10 Cardio Burpees

20 Jumping Jacks

10 V Ups

Part 3: Intervals: Repeat 2-3X

20 seconds each exercise/10 seconds rest between them


Single Leg Bridge R (elevate pushing leg to make it harder!)

Single Leg Bridge L (elevate pushing leg to make it harder!)

Low Plank Hold

Plank Up Downs

Long Arm Crunch

Reverse Crunch

Part 5: Hit up the client app and choose your mobility!


Thrive on,

Coach Jentry