Today’s agenda is pretty simple: Be kind.

Be kind to yourself. Cut the negative self talk, get plenty of sleep, sweat and move mindfully, eat nourishing food, and surround yourself with loving people.

And, while you’re at it, be kind to others. Kindness is undervalued. There can never be too much of it swirling around among us. Kindness breeds more kindness. Plain and simple.

Have a beautiful day!


Gumsaba DIY Chip Away
Part 1: Warm Up with 5 minutes of cardio – walk, jog, bike, row…etc.
Part 2: Band on Thighs: 10 each
Alternating Lateral Leg Drops
Clamshells (each)
Alternating Fire Hydrants
Part 3:  Triplet Chippers
Set 1: 21/15/9
Plank Jacks
Reverse Crunches
GB Hold + Fly
Set 2: 16/12/10
Alternating Step Up + Single Arm Press (press same arm as stepping up leg)
Bent Rows
Mountain Climbers
Set 3: 12/10/8
Alternating Lateral Lunges (weight optional, post knee over ankle on frontal plane – weight in heels at bottom of lunge)
Plank Up Downs
Alternating Single Leg V Ups
Part 4: Chip Cardio!
10 Burpees
20 Walking Lunges
30 Hi Knees
8 Burpees
16 Walking Lunges
24 Hi Knees
6 Burpees
12 Walking Lunges
20 Hi Knees
4 Burpees
8 Walking Lunges
16 Hi Knees
2 Burpees
4 Walking Lunges
12 Hi Knees
Part 5: Choose 2 mobility exercises from the client portal. 
Thrive on,
Coach Jentry