Gratitude is the act of recognizing all of the gifts in our life. It’s free of jealousy, greed, or perceived lack. Raw, pure gratitude is the precursor to success and happiness. Gratitude is a muscle in our soul that becomes stronger, more resilient and more effective when we put in the work. Flexing our gratitude muscle cultivates positive energy to flow through and around us, unfettered and contagious. Gratitude is a choice. When we choose to be grateful, even in times of difficulty or discomfort, that’s when we blossom into our best selves.

I have a thought: when you wake up tomorrow, take 5 minutes before you look at your phone or reach for your coffee to get quiet and think of how grateful you are. Then, write down the highlights; just a stream of consciousness, without any editing or judgement. Meditate on your gratitude. Do this for one month and see if you notice a change in your productivity and overall mood. I vow to join you in this gratitude endeavor, and at the end of May I’ll check back to see how you’re doing. Let’s create a tribe of fierce gratitude warriors and see where it takes us.


Now, onto today’s DIY workout…



Part 1: Warm Up with dynamic cardio and ROM for 10 minutes

P2: 2X

8 Shoulder Rolls with weight

8 Push Press

8 Bent Rows

8 Alternating Split Raises

12 Squats

12 Skaters

12 HI Plank Knee tucks

12 Alternating Reverse Lunges

400M Jog

P3: Interval Core Fire Sets

Set 1: Mixed Intervals – 3X

30 seconds Reverse Crunches

30 seconds Lateral Leg Drops

30 seconds Navy Seal Ups

30 seconds Spring Jacks

20 Seconds hi Kneees

Set 3: Mixed Intervals – 3X

20 seconds GBHE R

20 seconds GBHE L

20 seconds Ab Burners

30 seconds Alternating Lateral Leg Drops

20 seconds V Crunch R

20 seconds V Crunch L

1 min Jumprope

Set 3: Mixed Intervals – 3X

20 seconds Low Plank hold

20 Seconds boat pose

20 seconds slow bicycles

20 seconds side plank R

20 seconds side plank L

Run 50y out jog 50y back OR run up and down hill at MCP

Set 4: Mixed Intervals – 3X

20 seconds hundreds

20 seconds superman hold

20 seconds bird dog R (hi plank for adv)

20 seconds bird dog L

20 seconds elevators R

20 seconds elevators L

Run 50y out jog 50y back OR run up and down hill at MCP

P4: AMRAP 10 minutes,

5 Plank Up Downs

10e Sprinter Starts

15 Plank Jacks

20 Step Ups

200M Run

P5: Pick a mobility exercise from the Client App


Thrive on,

Coach Jentry