Today’s DIY MetCon Jam workout sesh is brought to you by your buns, guns, core, and a stellar can-do attitude.

Rudgear ladies crushing those lateral leg drops. 

Met Con Jam DIY

Part 1: 10 each

Calf Raises – Hip Rotations – Windmills – Squats – Shin Grabs – Heel Walk – Toe Walk 400M Jog

Part 2: Starter Intervals 

Set 1: Perform 1X – 20 seconds work, min rest 

Bird Dog R – Bird Dog L – Cat Cow – Superman Hold – GB Hold – Lateral Leg Drops 

Set 2: Perform 4X 20 seconds work, min rest 

Alternating Step Back Samson Stretches vs Hi Plank Knee Tucks (focus on stable lumbo pelvic go same side, not across body) 

Set 3: Perform 4X 20 seconds work, min rest 

Jumprope vs Plank Up Downs 

Part 3: Met Con

Perform 5 Rounds

10 Kettle Bell Swings (heavy if possible – if no kettle bell mod 15 squats)

10 Burpees

Part 4: HIIT Finale

Set 1: 20/10 4X

Mountain Climbers vs Jump Squats (mod pulsing squats) 

Set 2: 20/10 4X

Ab Burners vs Low Plank Body Saw

Part 5: Mobilize! Pick 2 from the Client APP! 


Top it all off with some CHERRY LIME NICE CREAM (refined sugar free, gluten free, dairy free) and you’ll have yourself a refreshing mid-week treat that is sure to nourish as much as it satisfies.


Thrive on,

Coach Jentry