Get ready to party, friends. This Quick HIIT DIY is about focus, building strength and mindfulness, and of course having fun!



You need a timer + Mat for this HIIT. Band Optional.

Part 1: Warm up

5 minutes rhythmic cardio of choice

Part 2: Dynamic Movement

4 sets Lunge Sequence: 2 Reverse – 2 lateral – 2 Forward with rotation to front leg

4 walkouts with 1 each runners lunge + rotation

Part 3: Perform each 4 round HIIT for 20 seconds per exercise with 10 seconds to rest and switch.

Coaches Tips:

Work mindfully. Many of these exercises will require your full focus!

Use a band around your thighs or just below your knees to amp it up.


Set 1: 4X

Low Plank Alternating Foot Hover – KEEP THAT LIFTED LEG ACTIVE!

Supine Alternating Lateral Leg Drops

Set 2: 4X

Mountain Climbers



Set 3: 4X

Push Up + Hand Release

Boat Pose

Part 3: Mobilize yourself! Pick 2 from the Client APP!


Thrive on,

Coach Jentry