So many people ask me this question. First, I do NOT believe in “diets”. I don’t believe in restricting myself from things I enjoy. Instead, I have found what I enjoy, what feels right for me, and I eat a lot of FOOD!

As many of you know, I eat plant based vegan, and have for many years. At first, I was a junk food vegan, eating whatever I could eat that any vegan foods I could afford! Now, I mainly eat plants, but also enjoy nut cheeses, organic wheat products (yes, I DO eat bread!), and love ancient grains of all kinds. And, I too like my (organic) wine!

No need to worry about protein. Most people (even vegans!) get much more than they need. The USDA recommends 0.8g of protein for every kilogram of body weight. My weight is roughly 131 Lbs, so I need about 47 grams per day. My protein shake alone covers over half of that. Calculate your protein needs HERE. I also take vegan BCAA’s after I workout.

The issue that people should focus on is food QUALITY. Where does the food come from? Is it nutrient dense? Is it full of man-made junk? These are the important questions that go far beyond getting the right ratio of macros (i.e. carbs, fat, protein). A balanced, plant strong way of eating will leave you feeling satiated, but not stuffed. Fiber rich foods, like cruciferous veggies, will fill you up, with relatively low caloric cost. Load your plate with them, and back off on other stuff you don’t need (processed carbs, fatty meats). Veggies like these will brighten your skin, strength your hair, teeth, nails and bones. Little known fact: you don’t need to drink milk to get calcium. In fact, too much dairy can tell the bones to stop producing calcium, which is why many scientists are studying the link between dairy consumption and osteopenia/osteoporosis, especially in women!

So, back to what I eat. I eat food that is as clean as possible (organic) grown by people that I know whenever possible. My food does not have a mother or come from something that does. I don’t eat like this to look a certain way, I do it to feel good about every choice I make. I do it because I don’t want to cause any harm to any living being, and that choice is powerful for me. My mission is to leave this planet better for having been here. That umbrella goal is one that I let all others choices fall under. It gives simplicity to difficulty, and keeps me on course when the waters of life are rough and murky.

If you want to jump on the plant based stage coach, for whatever reason, here are some ideas to help you navigate. No pressure to go full blown vegan, though I encourage it, you have to do it because you really want to. A couple days a week, or even meals a week are a great way to add more veggies to your food regimen.

Wishing you all and amazing weekend and a life that keeps you growing, learning, happy and healthy. Some ideas:

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Some of the things I eat…