It always shocks me when I see people still using harsh products to clean their homes, then I remember most people watch TV! People are told what to buy and they trust in and relate to the commercials. Smaller companies don’t have those big advertising dollars. The problem is that even if they want to change,  bigger companies have a system in place that they have invested in and they are making plenty off it the way it is.

So, they really aren’t out to kill you – its a matter of cost efficiency. Entirely new production changes will need to be made, suppliers will need time to evolve as well, and there is marketing and selling of the new product that will take time…and all this takes money.

Unfortunately, we are dealing with  known carcinogens, like formaldehyde in many every day products. For example, Johnson and Johnson is at the cutting edge of companies working to clean up their act, but they cant promise removal of  formaldehyde until 2015. I have no idea what regulations for chemicals are on imports, but I do know I had a wall shelf set from Target that I threw away because it stunk up my whole garage while it was still in the box! Made in china.

My father has told me stories about shampooing with mercury shampoo as a kid; what seems absurd now was the best way to get clean 65 years ago! Check out this great article on what products you might be using every day that are harming you, your family and your pets. Opt out. Use Method, which you can get at target, or one of the many options they have at Trader Joes.

If you do have to go harsh, wear proper gear. Gloves and a mask are a must when dealing with heavy chemicals. If you paint, darker colors use more Volatile chemicals, so make sure you let those air out for a few days. If it stings your eyes or gives you a headache its not good!



For a poison emergency in the U.S. call 1-800-222-1222
American Association of Poison Control Centers