Four Minute Mobility Roll out

Part 1:
Timed doublets

50 work/10 rest
Side lunge
Alternating Single Leg Deadlift
3 rounds

Run 600 M at 75%

30 work/5 rest
Squat With Weight
Arnold Press
3 rounds

Sprint 200M

30 work/5 rest
Wood Chopper R
Wood Chopper L
3 rounds

Run 400 M at 75%

Part 2: count reps

Bear Crawl 10 M
Complete 10 Burpees on arrival
repeat 3 rounds
3 rounds

Sprint 200M

20 flying jacks
10 Dive bomber push ups
3 rounds

Jog 200M
Tabata Doublet 20 work HARD, 10 rest 8 rounds (4 of each exercise alternating)

knees to elbows
L Sit up

Finish with Deep Mobility!

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