Our newlywed Sunshine camper Jane – enjoy her wedding photos and story. Can you say GORGEOUS!? Congrats Jane, you are one beautiful bride and your husbee is one LUCKY GUY! XO Coach M

Jane’s Story…

I joined Gumsaba last winter to get in shape for my April wedding.   My fitness goal was simple:  to firm up.  I had not exercised on a regular basis in a couple of years, so I was a little apprehensive to begin.   To my amazement, I immediately began to enjoy the burn in my legs, stomach and arms.   I started eating healthier (and I’m a girl who loves her sweets).   Within a few weeks, I noticed my legs were firmer, my arms started to get definition and my stomach was stronger.    But it wasn’t just my body, my mind was clearer.   The work outs helped me cope with wedding stress.  Setbacks seemed surmountable.    During jogs, I would prioritize what I had to do for the wedding that day.
I could not have met my goal without Coach Michelle!  She is fantastic!  She is encouraging and caring.   Plus, she changes the work outs daily so it’s always fresh.    The classes are made up of a really good group of women who care about each other and push each other.
I had no idea how much I would enjoy boot camp and exercise when I started.  Michelle makes it fun and helps us to challenge ourselves.   When I was on my honeymoon safari in Africa, there was no exercise but sumptuous buffets:  breakfast, lunch and dinner!   I missed my work outs and couldn’t wait to get back to Gumsaba!   I would encourage all brides to sign up for boot camp.  It is the best wedding present you can give yourself.