Is there anything better than a great workout? No WAY! As much as some people loathe burpees and sprints, our hearts need exercises like these to do its job as efficiently as possible and handle the every day stress of life as smoothly as possible.

So, with that said, lets get some cardio done in this fabulous DIY!


Warm up jog, bike or row: 5 minutes

Dynamic Movement – 6 each:

Alternating Leg Sampson Stretch  – Hip Hinge – Windmills – Squats – Sumo Squats

Cardio: Repeat 4X

8 Burpees – 16 Mountain Climbers – 8 Jump Lunges

Interval Running: 15 rounds/minutes

Jog or walk for 50 seconds, Walk fast or sprint for 10 seconds

Cool Down:

Walk 3 minutes

Jumprope Stretch sequence

Now that you have got a good sweat going…
Who invented Burpees? 

Have a BIG heart? Let’s hope its from exercise and not high blood pressure…

Why HIIT worksside note: daily HIIT often causes over training and injury. HIIT should be done in combination with low intensity training and plenty of mobility!