Get low, get low, get low.  Low plank, y’all!  That’s where you’ll find some seriously remarkable benefits; not just for your core, but for your entire body and mind!  Yes, it’s a whole experience that, when married with an elongated, mindful breath, will strengthen your core, your upper body, your thighs, your glutes, and improve your focus.



The Lafayette co-ed Sunup Class crushing a low plank.

Keys to a killer low plank:

  1. Walk your forearms onto your mat and press your palms down to parallel your forearms or press your palms into touch (like a prayer) to protect your wrists.
  2. Stack your shoulders over your elbows.
  3. Walk your feet back behind you.
  4. Come up onto your toes and set your feet up hip-width distance apart.
  5. Press your heels toward the back of your mat and reach the crown of your head to the front of your mat (to lengthen the back of your neck), integrating your upper and lower body, so you’re straight as an arrow.
  6. Tilt your tailbone toward your heels.
  7. Lift your knee caps up your thighs to engage your quads.
  8. Pull your chest slightly forward and press away from the earth (to avoid sinking in your shoulders).
  9. Hold and breath for at least five breaths or use a timer for 30-60 seconds.  Elongate your inhale and lengthen your exhale.  Focus on your breath as you relax your jaw and feel your body becoming more alive and vibrant with each breath.


Here’s coach Michelle rocking out an awesome low plank!


A few benefits of low plank:

So the next time one of your lovely Gumsaba coaches cues a low plank, get excited and get low! You’re embarking on a complete mind-body transformation.



Cheers to your health!

Coach Jentry


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