With all those creepy, crawly cold germs floating around this time of year it’s extra important that we all stay healthy! Aside from getting plenty of rest and regular exercise, eating well is the one of the best ways to maintain a strong immune system. Ginger root is the shining star of immune boosting foods. It’s been shown to help increase brain function, to prevent certain cancers and it appears to have antibacterial and antiviral compounds, according to SF Gate’s article featuring GINGER ROOT AND THE IMMUNE SYSTEM. It can also sooth a sore throat and an aching tummy. Ginger is pretty darn amazing and you all deserve the best.

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Not a sure how to peel this funny looking root? No problem. We’ve got you covered. Grab a spoon and take a peak at this GINGER PEELING VIDEO

Ginger’s distinct flavor adds pizzazz that you can’t get from just any ordinary spice. It’s great in soups like this GINGER CARROT SOUP or CARROT APPLE GINGER SOUP. It’s also great when you add it to a salad like the EDAMAME SALAD WITH GINGER VINAIGRETTE. If you’re in the mood to bake a sweet treat, whip up some CARROT GINGER OATMEAL COOKIESAnd if you’re in need of something soothing, try this GINGER TEA.

No matter what, you can’t go wrong. So go and get your ginger on!

Happy cooking!

Coach Jentry

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