Hot off the press, a HIIT Humdinger DIY workout made for champions. As always, don’t forget to…

  1. Prepare yourself accordingly with some pre-workout fuel.
  2. Keep your mindset in check throughout your workout (focus on our strengths and breathe through the tough stuff – know that it’s all going to pay off)
  3. Recover with mobility and some much needed post-workout fuel.

Gumsaba DIY – HIIT Humdinger 
Part 1: Dynamic Movement:
10 Sampson Stretches
10 Toy Solders
6 Walkouts
Part 2: Activate Band on thighs – Chipper 10s/8s
First round do 10 each, second round do 8 reps each
10e Side step
10 Mini Jacks
10 Monster walk F/B
10 Squats
10e Fire Hydrant with Rotation
10 Supermans
10e Single Leg BridgeGBHE
10 Alternating Lateral Leg Drop
Remove band
Part 2B: Jumprope Agility: Lay jumprope down lengthwise, use as a line. These should be very small movements, just enough to activate the facia.
Repeat one time:
Stand beside jumprope: 20 reps 2 footed lateral hops over rope (modify with lateral step tap )
Stand w rope in front: 20 forward back hops (F&B=1)
Stand beside jumprope:  10e reps single leg lateral hops
Stand w rope in front: 10e reps single leg forward back hops
Pick up rope, double over: 10 Overhead Squats + 10 Overhead Lunges
Part 3: Reps then Run 
Set 1: 4X
20 Front Squats
20 Stiff Leg Deadlifts
20 Mountain Climbers
10e Lateral Step Up – face sideways to step. Option to add weight – hold medicine ball or dumb bells on outside shoulder
10 Man Maker Push Ups
10e V Crunch
Run 2 minutes
Part 4: Chip It Core 50/40/30/20/10
Hi Knees
Jumping Jacks
Glute Bridge Hip Extensions
Flutter Kicks (support low back with hands if needed)
Plank Jacks
Part 5: Jumprope Stretch Sequence From Client App!
Thrive on,
Coach Jentry