It’s the holiday season so keep your momentum going, your focus sharp, and your consistency strong. It will pay off. Even if you don’t have time for a full hour-long class, carve out a few minutes to move your body with this holiday DIY. 

Gumsaba DIY Holiday HIIT VS AMRAP
Equipment: Weights, Timer, Jumprope, Step up surface

Part 1: Warm Up for 10 minutes Full body foam roll out

Short jog 

10 sampson stretches

10 Toy Soliders

Part 2: Activate!

10 Jumprope Pass Thru

10 Jumprope Side Bend

10 Hip Hinge 

15 Jumprope Pullover

Put jumprope aside, band on thighs if you have one:

10 Fire Hydrant R/10 L

5 Inchworm Push Ups

15 Squats 

Part 3: Interval Starter Sets
Set 1: 3X 

30 seconds Prisoner Squats

30 seconds Jumping Jacks 

30 seconds Alternating single leg Glute Bridge

1 Minute alternating step ups

Set 2: 10 Min AMRAP 

Run 1 minute 

10 Burpees

20 Hi Plank Shoulder Taps

5 Navy Seal Ups

Set 3: 3X 30 seconds

Reverse Crunches

30 seconds Supermans

30 seconds Skaters

1 minute wall sit

Set 4: 5 Min AMRAP 

20 Frog Jumps

20 Hi Plank Jacks

10 V Ups

10 Low Plank Body Saws

Part 4: Chipper 50/40/30/20/10

Jumprope skips

Ab Burners

Mountain Runners

Part 5: Cool Down 400M Jog  

Pigeon Pose


T Spine Stretch

Runners Lunge

Forward Bend

Wide Leg Forward bend 

Triceps Stretch

Chest Stretch

Thrive on,

Coach Jentry