Hope you are enjoying these workouts. Though there is much uncertainty, one thing I know for sure is that we have the most incredible coaches and clients on earth. I am in awe of the amazing actions that you have all taken during this crazy time; from genuine acts of kindness to commitments despite the unknown, I am eternally grateful. I even kinda regret not hugging you all when I could – and that’s saying a lot because you know I’m not the touchy feely type! ūüôā
Enjoy this awesome workout with Treigh. Tomorrow you will have the opportunity to workout live with me on our zoom portal. An email will go out to all Gumsaba members with the link today.
Going forward, workout will be live thorough zoom, with additional recorded workouts for you to choose from.
Stay well,  Coach M
Gumsaba Outdoor Boot Camp РDouble Down 
Equipment: Dumbbells, Mat, Jumprope
Part 1: 10 each
Samson Stretches – Shin Grabs – Toy Soldiers – Windmills – Ankle Grabs
Part 2: 1X
10 Supine Cross kicks 
10 Second Hold (each Side) Runners Lunge 
10 Plie Squats
100 Jumprope
Part 3: Double Down! 
Set 1: Chipper 21/15/9
Glute Bridge Pullovers
Set 2: 4X
12 Step Ups
8 Reverse Flys
Set 3: Chipper 21/15/9
Frog Jumps
Press Ups
Set 4: 4X
8 Burpees
16 Single Leg Alternating V Ups
Part 4: HIIT Finish
20 seconds work/10 seconds rest
Wall Sit Marches
Low Plank Hold 
Mountain Runners
Part 5: Stretching Static 45 seconds each side
Pigeon Pose
Down Dog 
T Spine Twist
Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch 
Chest Stretch on wall