Pushing past pain – the old school gym mentality. That is precisely not what we do at GUMSABA! We strive for optimal performance without  injury and give you modifications that improve muscle balance and improve your overall fitness if needed. Of course we’ll bring you a heart pounding workout with burning muscles and curse our name soreness, but that has to be managed without injury (or further and existing injury). Let Coach Michelle know how your body is feeling and talk honestly about any modifications you need. She will work with your coach to make sure your workout works for you.


Your proper form in both body weight and weighted exercises is key to your longevity. It is better to do 5 mindful, correct squats than 10 times that amount done incorrectly. If you want your fitness and your body to last, its critical that you BUILD strength.

Get it right! Work on one movement a week and see how much you improve.


This week work on SQUATS. Take it upon yourself to do 20 mindful squats every day this week. Whether at class or out of class, work on the detail of this movement and see massive improvement by the end of the week. Remember, the more effort you put in the correct squat, the more your squat will reflect that A+ effort!