Today at Gumsaba Saturday camp we built bone and fast twitch muscle fibers with an obstacle course, TRX and Medicine Balls. While we were at it, we increased stroke volume, and conquered fears! Then we learned about the benefits of Burpees, and what the name Burpee came from. We talked about Wolff’s Law, and why, even though it is sometimes so painful, we do our daily myo-fascial release.

I love to give people information that makes them think about the WHY behind the WHAT. It’s so important, (especially when things get difficult), to understand why we are doing a task. After all, resilience is built through understanding and effort!  It’s also important to know that your coach has a good reason for asking you to do a task, and that the workout is programmed to help you move better, for LIFE!

What a way to start a Saturday! Thank you to everyone who came out and pushed out of their comfort zone. I’m incredibly fortunate to have all of you in my life and look forward to next Saturday as I will be taking on more Saturdays this month.

To your health,

Coach Michelle