It’s a darn shame that so many people are falling ill this winter season. 🙁 You would think that with all of these top of the line vaccinations it just wouldn’t happen anymore.  I haven’t had a flu vaccine or gotten sick in the past couple years, so sometimes I write up these little diddys to share with you the things that I do to keep well!

Sickness can attack the healthiest of us, and at this point both Chad and I feel really lucky that we haven’t gotten sick in so many years. Here is some info that I find helpful if you are looking to prevent or recover from illness.

1) Exercise boosts immunity. Moving every day will boost your immune system. If you have a head cold you can move with intensity as long as it does not cause discomfort. For chest symptoms keep the exercise fairly light until you feel you are recovering.

2) If you must eat out go to places where you can see the healthy people handing your food.

3) Eat veggies. A ridiculous amount at every meal – the more obscure the better. Enter fennel, turnips, collared greens, burdock root, turmeric root, kabocha ect. Pack your diet with nutrients.

4) Back off the animal protein and eat only organic and local. Natural does not mean organic (yeah, Im talking to you Foster Farms).

5) Say no to processed food especially sugar. Candy, soda…and avoid HFCS at all costs! Its even in the Chai Latte and many other flavors in mixes at Peets & Starbucks. Read the labels of the foods you eat and make sure they are worth it.

6) Shower before you get cozy at home for the eve. When kids get home get them in the shower. Bugs can hang out on clothing, bodies and books.

7) Use a neti Pot!

8) Keep your sleep consistent,  6-8 hours per night is recommended.

9) Scrub your nails and wash your hands a few times a day. Don’t count on hand sanitizers. 

10) Keep your bedroom sacred. Beds are for sleep, not study or hang out. Keep books on desks and anything that comes home from the outside that has encountered many germs out of the bedroom.

IMG_3197Home grown rainbow beets Healthy food is BEAUTIFUL!