Congratulations to all of you for your dedication to your fitness! These last 5 weeks have been challenging all of you; and I am impressed at how you all stepped up your game. Thank you for bringing your best to class every time you come, its a real pleasure to work with such amazing people.

There were 2 winners of the Body Transformation Challenge. I would like to say CONGRATS to Kimberly Colbourn of the Womens Sunrise class, and to Judy Blonde of the Womens Sunshine class. Kimberly dropped a massive 3.6 points of her BMI (and came to the sunrise class early to run most days!), and Judy was next having dropped nearly a full point (in spite of having her birthday celebration last weekend!). Having said that, there were some of you who also worked really hard to make a change in yourself – a special mention goes out to Heather Buckley, Courtney Mathews, Barbara Blastic, Tina Murphy and Lindsay Bowman.

The results on the fitness testing were amazing, there were improvements from almost everyone across the board. That is saying a lot, you guys are in great shape! If you missed the testing you can look forward to it again in 6 weeks.

Looking forward to the next one; its called the “Super Summer Challenge” and it starts on May 9th and goes until June 20th.