This months Boot Camper highlight goes out to Traci Z. of the WC Sunshine Womens Camp. Traci has been with Gumsaba since its inception and has been consistent with her attendance and positive with her attitude ever since. Traci is a mother of 3 beautiful girls who are growing up fast! Her two oldest are now in college, so she and her husband just has one left at home!. (I noticed a change from a mini van to a Mercedes when that happened by the way!) Traci has been really working hard on her mobility lately, dedicating extra time to it so that she can continue to work out hard and camp and enjoy her life.


Traci with her daughters in September 2013

I also want to commend Traci for her strength. Traci had a recent tragedy when her puppy suddenly passed away. She came to camp knowing it was the best, most supportive place to be. Through tears she worked and by the end of class I could see that though she was still in pain, the support of the group and the energy she put into the workout really helped her cope. It is an honor to be a part of such a loving and supportive group.

Traci, you are a special and wonderful woman, congratulations, you are the GÜMSABA Boot Camper of the month!