Each month the Gumsaba coaches painstakingly chose one camper from the classes who makes an extra-ordinary effort toward their progress, and there by progress of the class. This is not a “popularity” contest, but an opportunity to affirm that persons efforts  – give them a public pat on the back! Usually its a really tough decision, but this month it was very clear.


This month we are highlighting Ms. Skyler G. of the TEEN CONDITIONING CLASS which just ended last week. She was the only female in a group of 16; she really pushed herself to a new level during the 10 weeks of class. Her incredible effort, purity of focus and all around improvement are inspiring. She is a joy to work with and a pleasure to know.


Skyler, you are the example of what we strive for at Gumsaba. You trust us with the drills and never ever give up on yourself. You believe in us, and we believe in you. We know that you are going to make your biggest dreams come true in sport and as a grown woman. We are honored to work with you on honing all of your skills as a young athlete, so that you can go out in the world with the strength and confidence it will take to win at LIFE. Congrats Skyler, you are the GUMSABA BOOT CAMPER OF THE MONTH!