Love is the strongest emotion we are blessed with. Instead of getting upset when things get crazy, use this method to feel love instead. This practice takes practice. You will never do it until you try it, so don’t waste any time and allow yourself to get angry or upset.  A habit forms when you are consistent with your method – so choose to take control the instant you feel a negative emotion.  When you conquer an obstacle like anger or hate others will be drawn to your presence. You will have pushed all the room for negativity out of your heat and you will have filled it with love!

This weekend is Tough Mudder Training #3. Its going to be tough (hence the name). You will be challenged. Rise up. When you feel frustrated, or want to give up simply start counting a breath of 6 counts of love.


Count like this as you inhale (breathe slowly and maximally):

1 love

2 love

3 love

4 love

5 love

6 love


Exhale with the same count but use the word joy or peace in place of love. Feel free to mix it up or use words that bring you back to your center.


Life is short.  Feel love, breath joy, make peace. Take it all in,  before you know it this moment will be gone forever. This moment deserves nothing less than peace, love and joy. You are better every moment if you think better. Make the conscious choice to change your thoughts when they are not positive. Enjoy the victory of that changeable moment. Carry that moment with you as a reminder that you can overcome any obstacle. You can make our world better in one instant, with one thought.


Happy Training!