Challenge Day 12 – How Much Is Enough?

We have all done it. Something tastes so good we keep eating…we have a second helping, and then suddenly we are uncomfortably STUFFED. We regret those last few bites that we thought we wanted but we definitely didn’t need. So, how much is enough? 

Portion size is a good place to start. Processed foods often include addictive ingredients like sugar, unhealthy fats, sodium and gluten that make us want more even when we are not hungry. Processed foods also have little nutrient value, so the body will become hungry much sooner if we eat the bowl of Chex mix instead of that bowl of veggies. Avoiding processed goods is ideal. If if you choose to partake, watch the serving size – they tend to be much smaller than you’d think!

Studies show distracted eating usually ads to weight gain – the brain doesn’t regulate satiation as well when its distracted. Avoid grabbing handfuls of junk food this weekend while watching the Niner game. If you want to snack, get a plate. Make the bulk of your plate healthful, whole foods. Save a small space for the junk if you must. 

The human brain takes about 20 minutes to catch up with the stomach and get the message that it is full. This is why it’s important to stop eating before that happens. Eating slower, focusing on chewing and avoiding washing bites down with drink are a few ways to allow that to happen. Those last few bites could be the 100 excess calories that are preventing us from obtaining a weight loss goal!

Cheers to Day 12! 

Go Niners!

Coach M