Everyone wants to make their health a priority, but when it comes making that happen, it’s another story. “I don’t have time” is the number one reason people have when asked why they don’t exercise. Somehow these same people know the cast of Game of Thrones and the stats of several major sports.  It’s not lack of time that is the obstacle for most people, it’s lack of planning and prioritizing.
Scheduling workouts makes the probability of them getting done much higher. Scheduling with a friend, trainer or joining a class makes the promise much harder to break. Please take a look at the next two weeks of your calendar and schedule your workouts NOW. Put at least 8 workouts on your calendar, preferably more, with time and details. Send a friend a text to plan a walk, make time with your husband to go to the gym, ask your sister to do a HIIT workout with you. Get all those times on the calendar by the end of this weekend, then schedule around them. Moving them needs to be a last resort!
Shoot for 2-3 days of strength training and 3-5 days of cardio. Limit high intensity training to two days per week, and make sure to plan about 10 minutes in for rolling, especially on higher intensity days.
A good warmup is critical. Your body needs about 3-4 minutes to get enough blood shunted out to your muscles. Rhythmic motions that put joints through full range of motion is both time efficient and effective. Here is a warm up that will suffice for most any workout. Do 10 reps each.

Shin Grabs

Samson Stretches 

Toy Soldiers


Check out the Gumsaba client portal for more information on warm ups, mobility, do it yourself workouts and more!

Happy day 13!

🙂 Coach Michelle