On this last day of the challenge I am sharing feedback some of you sent with the hope that we can glean something from each others experience.  It’s been an honor to be part of such an insightful, honest and courageous community. Thank you for committing to this, for keeping me accountable and for making your health a priority. 

 I hope that if you take anything with you, it will be the understanding that lasting change is a process to be lived, rather than some massive goal to be achieved.

Cheers to day 14, and to making 2020 our best year yet!

Hugs, Coach M

“It was good for me to make a commitment and stick to it. It made me think about how to improve myself and my life on a daily basis.” The choices we make every day give us an opportunity to move closer to the best “us” possible. One day, one choice at a time is exactly what it takes. 

“I am more conscious of what I am putting in my mouth.” This is a very important part of attaining ALL health goals! 

“Even though I wasn’t 100% successful with my goals for the challenge, I’m grateful to have been taking part during a high stress time. My desire to stick to it helped me to mostly to overcome stress related poor eating choices and make time for exercise.” Times of high stress often means turning to our most deeply rooted habits as a way of coping. Recognizing this is like planting a seed of change! Each time we turn to a better habit instead of the old one, we grow in a positive direction. 

“I think the main thing that I got out of the challenge is that I was able to stick to the exercise goal every day goal – I’m now on day 16 of exercise (started a bit early). I’ve never in my life consciously set a planned exercise every day. So, #1 doing that was great and #2 being in decent enough shape at the beginning to be able to do that and feel GREAT every day is huge.” Plan. Prepare. Proceed. Persist. Without a plan we lack direction. This is exactly what it will take to make fitness a priority for life. 

“I think for me, realizing that my daily wine drinking in the evening was sucking my energy out of my body, I feel good and more efficient…and a bonus of weight loss and not bloated.” I can relate. I too enjoy wine, and have noticed that my energy levels are far more consistent since I stopped drinking it so often. I am also sleeping better and notice I react more calmly under stress. 

“What I got out this challenge was realizing that when I am stressed I crave sugars and there are other healthier options than taking the easy way out and satisfying that urge. The way I overcame this was if I was at work I would simply drink water or take a 10 min break and walk outside.   At home if I had the urge I would start my exercise for the night or would air pop plain popcorn with no butter no salt. I would have to say that I feel this year was much easier than last year in regards to dealing with no alcohol or sugars.  Not to say that there were not some touch and go moments (times of stress) but I did not waiver.  These challenges really set you up to realize the “not so good” habits and how to adopt better, healthier habits that continue through the year. By the time you are into the next challenge, you realize the progress you have made since the last.”  Setbacks happen when we are not prepared to manage them. This is an excellent strategy to prevent them – this is how lasting change happens!!! Change is not a destination, it is an evolution. 

“Through the 14 day challenge, I’ve become more focused to achieve my current goals. I have to say, listing my goals, sending them in an email (to you) and knowing there was a time-frame really encouraged me to just do them!  Every morning, I work a little bit on each one. Plus, the 14 day challenge makes striving for a goal more fun. This morning I did a 10k with one of my sons (yes, it was very chilly out).  I encouraged him to join me (though I would have done this race alone).  I find that being part of a group of like-minded individuals make is easier to participate in an activity (even in 38 degree weather on a Saturday morning).” Accountability is super critical, and knowing what works for you can make all the difference! Involving your family is a double win. 

“Workable strategies!” There is no one silver bullet when it comes to change. Having workable strategies is exactly what it will take to overcoming the inevitable obstacles that lie ahead.