It is common to have cravings, especially while restricting what we eat and drink. While some cravings are due to nutrient deficiency, many are a complex response of the brain to a place, time and/or feeling. The science is mixed on why some cravings are so powerful, but there is some really interesting information being published about how our brains light up when we crave our favorite foods; which can be used to overcome them. Try one of these tricks next time you have a craving and let me know how it goes. If you have any tricks please share them. 

Happy Day 3! Coach M

  1. Aromatherapy. Because of how the brain stores smell, lighting a candle or using aromatherapy can be an effective solution to cravings. A recent study showed that college women craving chocolate reported a decrease in craving after lighting Jasmin candles. It is important that the scent used is not associated with food you like. 
  2. Exercise. Those studied reported a decrease in unhealthy cravings when they exercised daily and when they exercised in response to cravings.
  3. Trick your palette with a lower glycemic alternative. This can help your body regulate the amount of calories it wants to take in from the kind of food you are craving. I enjoy Evolved Coconut Butter Cups which are both filling and delicious alternative to sweets. I also find that guava synergy kombucha helps when I am craving something to drink. Portion size should always be considered.