It is not uncommon to get discouraged when attempting to keep resolutions and goals. This challenge isn’t about fixing or changing everything, it’s about stepping back to notice what is blocking us from the change we deeply desire. All of the unhealthy habits we have are buried under layers of reasoning, and self talk plays a big role. Notice it. It will try to sabotage you if you don’t direct it to help you change. 

When we stop justifying our unhealthy habits, they lose power. Moreover, redirecting our self dialogue toward a positive action helps us put another layer down on the healthier habit.  

“Today was rough, I need a glass of wine.” >>> “Today was rough, I’m going to take a bath.”

“I’m tired, I don’t want to exercise.” >>> “I’m tired, I will go for a 45 minute walk instead of do organized exercise.”

“I feel sad, I am going to eat ice cream.” >>>”I feel sad, I am going to go cry”. (YES, crying is healthy.)

Address the weakness by being prepared to make the modification. This is especially important when we are approaching a time of day or a place that will make the unhealthy habit rear its head. One of the most effective ways to let go of an unhealthy habit is to make it inaccessible. Clear the cupboards of unhealthy foods. Get rid of temptations. Exercise before you get home so that the couch isn’t so hard to get off of. Get bath salts that you love. Cry when you are sad. 

There is no one way to enjoy life; every one of us has a different idea of what that means. Living with too many rules can be overwhelming, so start small. Start with one little shift in your self talk and you just might see a ripple effect that makes big changes much more accessible. 

Cheers to Day 9, 

Coach M