Rose, the inspiration for today’s post watches all of my workouts. This morning, right before I started, she looked at me like this. Is there a  more honest face???

We are almost 1/4 through the year, can you believe it!? Time flies when you are going GUMSABA.

This is a check up. I want you to look back at the goals you made for the year and check in with them. The good news is there is no shame at all in checking back and seeing that you aren’t quite where you wanted to be! It is not necessary to achieve a goal to feel accomplished; think of goals as a focal point that keep you on the path to success. The most important thing is that you are honest with yourself and that you adjust your path regularly so that you still have focus.

My goals for this year posted on 1/1/11 were and are:

1) Work out every day this year & record it in my exercise journal. I have accomplished this so far and LOVE IT! I can’t believe how much stronger I feel!

2) Get my 2nd degree black belt – wanted to achieve this in February, adjusting to April,  techniques are really coming along great though!
3) Produce my first Black Belt Student – working on this, its a goal that depends on another human, let’s hope he has the same goal too. 🙂
4) Run a 10K – this will be happening this fall, still deciding what race to do. Doing Bay to Breakers in the mean time.

5) Help someone be vegan – I will always and forever be working on this goal, making an effort to post more recipes so that I feel some progress. If I accomplish, it will be the 5th person I have helped become vegan!! Woot Woot!
6) Publish our music – have only had one evening to work on this! I will make an effort to work on it at least once a week.

Its as simple as that. Being honest with yourself is the most important part about any endeavor you take on. I love you all so much and want you to feel the progress you deserve. Congrats on 2 months of hard core pushing with classes, 1000 club, your own goals, and more. You are all an inspiration to me and give me the much needed strength I need to get through the brutality that is my workouts. (just ask Rose!) Thank you for all your effort, it pushes me to be better each day.

Have a great weekend, and see some of you at bowling! I think I might be swinging a heavier ball this time around! 🙂 Coach M