Hello Campers

February brings all kinds of fun with Gumsaba. Don’t forget to get your 1000 club in by tomorrow at 4PM, and remember SAVE 5 reps to finish in class tomorrow. Here is the 1000 club options for Feb, and might I add, you ladies are LOOKIN’ GREAT!

Prisoner Squats

Double Unders

Crunch Punch

Jumping Pull UP

Chameleon lunges (500R 500L in pairs)

Mindful Burpees

Knee Tucks

Navy Seal Ups

Monkey Push Up

Your Choice Ok’d by coach

Please post the results, not the numbers, you feel in the comments. Its been really fun for me to hear how strong you feel from your different exercises. Keep it up, lets make a habit of reaching for a new level in some part of our fitness, and our lives, all the time!

Classes have been so full lately, its WONDERFUL to see all your beautiful faces every week day.

What a day to GO GUMSABA!