There are sure to be plenty of Mind Games during this challenge. Focusing on the moment and your form rather than the Mathematics of what is left to do a challenge in and of itself! Good Luck and DON’T QUIT.

Gear you will need for Mind Game Exercise:


Sandbag, Kettle Bell or Free Weights for the Lunges

Mat for the Double Toe Touch Leg Raise

Jump Rope

There are four exercises in ONE ROUND.

You will repeat FOUR ROUNDS for a total of 16 rounds for time.

Then you will take a rest and repeat the entire 16 rounds in an attempt to beat your first time!

This is a list of the exercises in the drill and below are videos to help you keep your correct form.

Warm up properly for 5 minutes, stretch and set your stopwatch and get right to work.


20 reps Lunge Back Overhead Raise with Sandbag – modify with Free Weight curl and press.

20 reps Burpees

20 reps Double Toe Touch Leg Raise

100 Quick Step Rope Skips

Exercise 1:

Exercise 2:

Exercise 3:

Exercise 4:

Stop the watch, write down your time and then do it again. This is only your half way point.

Take a 3-4 minute rest, drink enough water to quench, no more, shore up your mind set your timer and beat your first time!

My scores: Round 1: 23:36 Round 2: 19:39.

The difference in times for me were mental as well as physical. By the second round I knew it was possible to do it, and I wasn’t going to stop because I was not happy with the first round time. I knew I could do better! (I tend to step with more care when warming up due to a knee injury that persists until its totally warm). Regardless, I was STOKED on the fact that I blasted my first time in spite of the hellish burn. My bit of advice is focus hard on your breathing and your form. I can  say without a shadow of a doubt that each rep was as mindful and focused on form as possible and that is what gave me the capability to finish strong.