Trying to post¬† more DIY’s since some of you campers are on vacation and need to keep working out! :)

you will need a timer and a sturdy place to do step ups/box jumps and dips.

Do as many rounds of the following exercises as you can in 30 minutes:

30 minute AMRAP:

20 Push Ups (Sub with elevated push ups or high plank leg lifts if you cant do push ups)

20 1 leg deep squat 10R/10L (sub with demi squat or prisoner squat if you can’t do 1 legs or dont know how!)

20 Dips

20 Korean Jumping Jacks

20 Double Toe Touch Leg Raise

20 Box Jumps or step ups

20 V Crunch RT

20 V Crunch LT

20 Mountain Climbers (Sub with bicycle sit ups if you cant do mtn climbers)

20 Kettle Bell Swings

Run approximately 200 meters (.13 on the treadmill)

Last week we had SUN at 5:30... Hope it comes back this week!!!