Hello There and Happy Monday!

Todays workout is Monday Bloody Monday, Enjoy.

Warm up with 1 minute jump rope & 10 squats, do 3 rounds.

Stretch Calves with Dierdre stretch, Quads with Debbie, Hips with Michelle & Judy, Arms with Jessica and Obliques with Wendy.

And off we go!

Run 1/2 mile

30 Double Crunches & 30 leg raises

Run 1/3 mile

30 Korean Jumping Jacks (lunge, hop laterally and switch) & 30 box jumps

Run 1/2 mile

30 Thrusters (full squat, press weight overhead)& 30 Rows 15 in right leg lunge, 15 in left lunge

Run 1/3 mile

30 push ups & 30 dips

run 1/2 mile.

Happy Trails, Michelle and the Gumsaba Crew