Get ready to kill some cardio with this DIY chipper! If you don’t have a track or a treadmill, you can skip the runs, add jumprope, and run a mile when you are all finished! Fun times.

Speaking of CARDIO…join us for a free track workout next weekend!

Gumsaba TRACK workout!

Sunday June 9 at MVHS with Coach Karen


All you need is water…and maybe a friend. All they need to do is sign a waiver.

To your health, Coach M


Gumsaba DIY BOOT CAMP Just Chip IT!

This is a great workout to do at a track. 

Equipment: You need Dumb Bells and a mat. A band is optional for this workout.

Part 1: 10 Each

Shin Grabs – Calf Raises – Ankle Grabs – Sampson Stretch – Windmills – Toy Soldiers 400M Jog

Part 2: 1X

Set 1:  Band on ankles

5 mini side step R / 5L 

10 Squats 

10e Hip Extensions

Band On thighs


10 Clamshell R

10 L

10 Alternating Lateral Leg Drops

Part 3: 

Round 1: 1x

Run 800M (1/2 mile) 

12 Thrusters

12e Side Plank Rows

6 Zombie Sit Ups

12 Leg Raises

12 Low Plank Body Saw

Round 2: 1x

400M Run (1/4 mile)

10 Thrusters

10e Side Plank Rows

5 Zombie Sit Ups

10 Leg Raises

10 Low Plank Body Saw

Round 3: 1x

200M Run (1/8 mile)

8 Thrusters

8e Side Plank Rows

4 Zombie Sit Ups

8 Leg Raises

8 Low Plank Body Saw

Round 4: 1x

100M Sprint

6 Thrusters

6e Side Plank Rows

3 Zombie Sit Ups

6 Leg Raises

6 Low Plank Body Saw

Part 4: Posterior Chain Stretch