Hello Ladies

Fall is on the horizon and I want you all to be prepared to conquer the cold season and stick to your workout routine. Here are a few tips to keep you well and fit through the fall and winter seasons.

1) Make time for sleep! Your body is working hard to recover and it needs time.  Certain recovery systems only function when we sleep. Give your body the rest it needs to keep you well.

2) Dress warm and layer correctly – use your Gumsaba member card and get 10% off at sports basement! Or join us for our Sip and Shop at Lucy for discounts on their winter gear. Click below for suggestions on gear.


• core warmth with a vest

wind protection


head and ear protection

3) Buy and use a Neti Pot daily. I swear by mine, here’s why I do!

4) After your workout, change out of your cold sweaty clothes in to warm clean as soon as you can.

5) Come to class in spite of the cold, or rain. You won’t have to “gear back up” after the holidays because you didn’t gear down. Plus, it will make spring and summer that much brighter when you’ve worked through the cooler, darker seasons.

Great job to all of you this week, I pushed extra hard through my workouts too and it felt really good. You all were a great inspiration. Keep up the progress; see you tomorrow.

🙂 Coach Michelle