Lunging is an important part of any lower body strength training program. Lunging addresses imbalances that aren’t addressed with squats. Lunging aids in dynamic mobility of the hip flexors and glutes and challenges balance, which is important for daily living. Click here to watch Coach Michelle work Coach Jentry through the isometric lunge technique.

A couple things to keep in mind while Lunging

1.) Keep a vertical front shin position which will enhance the stretch on the rear hip flexors and reduce anterior knee pain.

2.) Avoid leaning forward which overloads the front knee and cheats you out of the full load of the lunge. 

3.) If using weights, keep the body in position, pack the shoulders to minimize the swing of the weights and get the lats working to stabilize the shoulder blade. 


Lungeing is an critical element of any strength program. That’s why we get our lunge on at Gumsaba!

Happy Training! Coach M


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