I love Mondays. They are a fresh start, a brand new horizon to conquer. The rain has cleansed the air and tomorrow is going to be freakin’ fantastic!

Soon we will be posting video workouts, but until then I’ll be keeping the DIYs super simple so no one gets hurt doing crazy stuff at home without proper guidance. For now, come to class if you want the full hour of power and the crazy stuff. 🙂

For this workout you will need a mat, a bench or other STURDY surface to do dips on, and jump rope (optional).

Jog for 10 minutes or skip rope for 3-5 minutes and warm up with your 10 air squats/sampson stretches/straight leg kicks.

STRETCH: Before you start your workout, look it over and notice what muscle groups will be working, and what joints you are going to tamper with if you fail to mindfully control your form. For example in this workout is upper body and ab focused.   I recommend 5 arm circles forward and 5 back on RT & LT and warm up of the waist with gentle twists. Stretching and roll the neck slowly and gently along with wrist and calf stretch would also be important. Warming up your back with forward bend and stretch back is always important. You want to release the tension in the joints and muscles before the workout, so go slowly and expect a little popping and cracking.

Turn on your timer and get started! Post your time if you like.

20 Mindful Burpees!

20 Dips on Bench or Dip Station

20 Leg raises on your mat, use your hands for support under your tail bone if necessary.

20 high plank knee tucks

3 rounds for time.

Happy Monday,

🙂 Coach M