Summer is coming on strong and I looks like its gonna be a HOT ONE; what a great excuse for a GUMSABA CHALLENGE!

Think about where you were one year ago, are you better off today? What have you done to make life beautiful? Whatever your cause for competing in the challenge, whether for fitness, for fun, for self betterment or the betterment of others, do it right. We want to help you reach all the goals you want to achieve and we will do it with you!

The way the 50 day  challenge works:

Do as much as you can of the list below as you wish to win!

What do you win? A month of boot camp FREE and one of the new super cool gumsaba clothing items we will be debuting on May 15th.

Boot camp Attendance:

10 points per day for a total of 500 pts possible.

Worth 25 points each:

Give up white refined sugar for 50 days

Give up alcohol for 50 days

Give up Gluten for 50 days

Give up Soda for 50 days

Each friend referred to Boot Camp

Each friend brought to Trailblaze

Worth 50 each:

1000 club  event completion (each event worth 50)

5K or 10K completion (each worth 50)

Any donation of time or money to a charitable cause.

Keep a food and exercise log. Click here for an awesome iphone ap!


To enter the challenge click here and sign up! Commitments must be made by 11:59PM on 5/4/11 and completions must be submitted by 6/21/11 11:59 PM

Courtney Matthews, in blue, our Holiday Challenge Winner!